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    Our mission: is to connect lure anglers of all ages and abilities and allow them freedom to interact and share knowledge in a private and secure environment where their right to privacy comes first. Excepting this policy message all our forums are strictly private and cannot be indexed by search engines. Only fellow members can view the content.

    Our model: is a not-for-profit, democratic, self sufficient and friendly forum managed by dedicated lure anglers, member input and feedback.

    Our sign up agreement: the overreaching aim of Lure Anglers Online is to maintain a friendly, honest and family orientated atmosphere. Membership is by invite only but this can be waived in certain circumstances, please contact admin@lureanglersonline.co.uk. We use our full name and we are courteous and helpful. Please note that registrations using nicknames and pseudonyms will be rejected. We don't discuss politics and occasionally when the inevitable does occur, we take our differences to the private message system or we agree to disagree and move on amicably.

    Our ambition: is to receive an overwhelmingly positive response.

    The forum will be from the outset managed by staff who are dedicated to our Mission, Model, Sign Up Agreement and Ambition. No member of staff will ever endorse any form of commercial ownership or management. This is definite and non negotiable and will be the grass roots of this community.

    The day to day management of LAO will be the responsibility of the Administrator and staff but major decision making on the direction of LAO will involve membership consultation.

    Membership of LAO will always be free for all who wish to join our community. There is a forum dedicated to fund raising to ensure the continuity of LAO. Any funds surplus to the running costs will be used for competition prizes, new software, licenses, etc.

    When your registration is approved you will not have access to the community until you have introduced yourself. Thereafter you are expected to contribute to the forums with the occasional post.

    When you become a member of Lure Anglers Online, you agree to abide by this policy.

    Don't forget to check your spam folders if you can't see your confirmation email.
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